Video Marketing Guide for Beginners – Become a Pro

Video Marketing Guide – Become a Pro

Video marketing is an essential way to kick off your marketing strategies and redo your brand awareness. Videos are essential now for all channels and are important in reaching the right audience. Also, it is very cost-effective and speaks well about what you do.

What is video marketing?

It is all about using videos to tell people about your services, to increase the engagement on different channels.

Visual things are what the consumers want to see and generally notice more. Your email marketing game can also improve by incorporating videos for better conversion and response rates.

Video marketing helps in keeping people engaged and entertained. It is a great way to delight future customers through visual content. Your sales team can do wonders with video marketing to increase and identify positive leads. Everything can become subjective with the help of videos. Thus, having a great video marketing strategy can work wonders for your business.

But it is also important to give something authentic and out of the box to gain attention. Repetitive things and ideas are never going to add brownie points to your brand.

Type of videos for marketing purposes

You have various options to choose from to start your video marketing journey. All you need to figure out is your vision and mission behind your actions. The different types of videos can be:

  • Demonstrative videos: When you want to talk about your services and products, you can create videos that speak the same. You can tell in detail how things work in your business.
  • Brand speaking and work videos: Talking about your vision and goals in a video explains who you are and what the background is all about. Adding your work premises or conferences can add up to the video value.
  • Leader videos: The leaders or motivators speaking about the values and work puts a big impact, and the message reaches a larger audience.
  • Knowledgeable videos: Teaching the people about different things through the medium of videos can be a good idea of video content. It works wonders for your sales metrics.
  • Customer-centric videos: Real-time customers speaking about their experience with your brand and service can be really helpful to attract the right attention.
  • Live videos: To get good engagement going live with your audience while you talk about things and allow them to ask real-time questions can be highly beneficial.
  • Personalized videos: A way to engage with people by responding with the medium of videos is a good way to catch the eye of your audience.

However, your video marketing strategies might need a video that is completely out of these categories. You majorly need to make what speaks for you the best, and that is what is going to get the right amount of audience.

Various platforms for your videos

Once you are done making your video and customizing it according to your needs, it is now time to get it published. It should be available for people so they can start watching it, and the engagement can increase.

You can publish your videos on different platforms as a part of your video marketing strategy. Some of the best video hosting platforms are:

YouTube Video Marketing
  • YouTube:

Everyone is aware of the largest and popular platform for videos, YouTube. People on a heavy scale use YouTube to stream videos daily. It is the second most visited website after Google.

On YouTube, you can make your brand story and get subscribers who are interested in getting your content on their feed. Subscribers can watch, share, like or comment on your video.

Further, you can segregate your videos based on topics in the form of a playlist, all for easy access for future users or subscribers. You can use YouTube advertising to promote your content.

Vimeo Video Marketing
  • Vimeo

After YouTube, it is Vimeo that is popular among users due to its clean and easy interface. There is less number of ads in Vimeo than YouTube. The videos have better quality, and the audience is sleeker. It is a great way to promote your creative videos with a relevant audience.

Vidyard Video Marketing
  • Vidyard

Vidyard is for business-specific content and people. Every channel needs a different kind of video content. In Vidyard, you can be creative and make videos for different channels. You can post things from one central place and get insights for every platform in one place.

How to use videos for marketing

A budget needs to be decided for making videos for the longer run. You can’t spend your entire budget in making introductory videos or visionary ones. Your strategy needs to be top-notch as there can’t be any guessing games or trial and error here.

The target should be to make videos that are self-explanatory and target different sections which answer all questions of the audience. You can make videos that focus on different objectives like:

  • Attracting: You need to make people aware of the brand, who does not know your business. You must address their issues in your videos so they can rely on you. The idea is to get the attention of your customers. Your brand values, goals, and your missions are the real things that you need to tackle.

  • Converting: Now, you need to make these new people your relevant leads. At this stage, you can talk about your products and make them aware of your services. For this, you can use videos that talk about your products in detail.

  • Closing: When a customer is trying to buy something, they do a lot of research. At this point, you can help them to choose you over others by clearing their doubts. For this, you can use videos that have customer testimonials or reviews.

  • Delighting: Once a purchase is done you can keep your buyers still engaged in your content so that you can make a long bond with them. You need to have people who believe in your brand. Videos that thank them for trusting in you can be helpful for your video marketing.

Achieving your targets with video marketing

Your goals should be specific from every video you share. Always have your audience in mind while making content to be relative. You need to figure out where you are right now and where you want to go with your audience and how you want to educate them about your business.

Video Shooting

What kind of metrics matter?

  • View Count: It is the number of times your video has been viewed. You can figure out that to how many people your content is reaching.
  • Play rate: This helps determine how many not just view but play your video. By this, you can figure out the relevancy of your content.
  • Sharing: If someone likes your video and connect with it, they will share it in their network. It comes with the possibility of getting more audience.
  • Completion: The metric shows how many times your video is played from start to end.
  • CTR: Your call to actions are executed how many times is what CTR is all about.
  • Conversion Rate: It showcases how many times your desired CTA was taken.

A good way to measure your progress is to compare your videos and views time and again. It helps you to understand what works well with your audience.

You delight your audience with video marketing and keep their interest intact in you and your content. Involve videos as an essential part of your marketing strategy to reach new zeniths.

Video Marketing Strategies for Social Media

There are different metrics for different social media channels and other platforms, where you are going to post your videos. Your present marketing goals and strategies should align with your video marketing strategies.

Facebook Live

Strategies for different social media channels:

  • Facebook and Instagram

These two social media channels are the most scrolled over ones by people in their day to day lives. Posting videos on these channels can gather more audience.

To make sure that they don’t miss the video, you can make silent videos which are self-explanatory. Also, adding subtitles can be a great way to have someone’s attention even when their audio is on mute.

The algorithms are different for both platforms. Thus it is important to make the right content for the right audience. Relevancy is the key to gain more engagement.

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  • YouTube

On YouTube, you need to be specific as it is completely a video hosting platform. You need to understand the audience and look after their needs. Doing brand awareness through YouTube can be beneficial. Subscribers are required before you go big and spend energy on making videos.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is all about your brand and its value. You can now professionally post a video to attract more audience. A good way is to show your ideas and concepts with the help of a leader. You can post videos of lectures, events and conferences. Sharing knowledge is also a good way to start building your name on LinkedIn.

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Glowing Freelancer Tip:-

  1. Always be unique to attract attention.
  2. Using catchy headlines can make your audience stop and give you their precious time.
  3. Don’t hide the agenda of the video, be straight in your aims, and gather the right people to interact with.
  4. Make sure you reply to questions coming on the live stream and keep the communication going.

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