Twitter Marketing Guide for Beginners

Twitter Marketing Guide – Beginners Strategy

Twitter is the CST railway station for social media. Every second, there are about 7000 new tweets sent. But the average lifespan of every tweet is about 18 minutes only. With around 145 million active users on a daily basis, twitter is an ocean of opportunities to drive sales, build a personal brand and win fans.

Around 500 million tweets are posted on a daily basis. To stand out from the rest, you will need a proper strategy for marketing yourself or your brand. Twitter, brings in customers as well as brands together and so you will need a well-versed twitter marketing strategy to go out in the field.

Here in this article, you will know about –

  1. How to create a Twitter Marketing Strategy
  2. Twitter Marketing Tips
  3. Twitter Marketing Tools

How do you create a Twitter Marketing Strategy?

Twitter Marketing Strategy

1) Check what is Present- It is important to know whether your organization already has an account or not. If so, evaluate:

To have a check on the following criteria you can always refer to Twitter Analytics or Hootsuite Reports.

2) Set Goals- There is no known specific method to predict if your strategy will bring positive influence until you know what exactly you are trying to achieve. Convert your goal to the SMART goal to align with your business level and the expected outputs.

3) Check out the Competition- Let us admit that everyone here is to overpower their competitors and so you need to keep a check on them. Analyzing their accounts can help you to find loopholes that will help you to refine your strategy and rejuvenate your content.

4) Making a Content Calendar is a must: We tend to struggle when we are supposed to come up with content at the last moment. To avoid such commotion and unwanted stress, it is recommended to plan out your tweets beforehand so that the only thing you need to do on that very day is to post it.

While creating a Content Calendar, make must sure that:

  • Which time of the day you get maximum engagement?
  • What is the frequency of your post in a week?
  • Who among the team should approve the post?

5) Measure the Impact- It is important to check on if your strategy is working properly or not. If your audience is properly interacting with your content or not and your post are reaching the required number of audience or not.

Twitter Marketing Tips that will make you remain ahead

Twitter Marketing Tips

To assist you with your Twitter Marketing Strategy, There are a few beneficial tips

1) Complete Your Profile- Kill them within the first few seconds, or get killed. There are 145 million users online daily, for someone to spend their time on your Profile, you have to make it worthwhile for their visit. Make sure your bio is short, easy to remember, and may or may not be catchy.

  • Your profile picture must be easy to look at and of good quality. People view your profile on different devices. Bad image quality is the last thing you want.
  • Your Bio must be related or at least define what a viewer sees in the profile picture. Keep it short but worthy.

2) Post during Peak hours- Posting when your users are the most active is a very essential check one must do. By identifying such you will increase your reach, engagement, and eventually your business. The peak time is during Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. You can also Schedule your post so that your post reaches the audience in the desired time.

3) Restrict Hashtags- Use minimum hashtags but make them count. Do Use hashtags but don’t overuse, this will mislead your audience.

4) Add images to your Post to increase Retweets- People connect to Visuals and remember them for a longer span of time. This practice would increase your engagement and reach for your brand in unexpected ways. If your brand is getting more Retweets your brand is reaching to more potential clients.

5) Videos > Images> Text- From studies, it has been said that a video is said to be retweeted 6 times more than images. People like videos that are short and impactful. The more visual, the better engagement and thus more marketing.

6) Run a Poll- People like to feel important. When you post a poll, the audience finds it important to respond or vote on it. By doing so they are increasing your brand’s engagement and reach. Putting a poll every now a while will definitely keep your audience intact.

7) Useful CTA’s – Twitter Marketing is all about generating leads, drive sales and boost clicks. For this twitter marketing tip, you will need a Call to Action for your users or audience so that they can connect to your brand.

For this there are a few CTA’s :

8) Reach out to Influencers or Experienced- It is one of the most useful Twitter Marketing Strategy. A word of advice or a guideline from someone already excelling in your niche or field will do wonders. People are there to help, you just have to take the big bound to ask them out. There is competition but also the helping hands are plenty out there.

Twitter Marketing Tools

Twitter Marketing Tools

Twitter Marketing Tools Twitter Marketing Tips will be beneficial and do wonders for your twitter marketing strategy but getting some tools handy will boost your chances of increasing your engagements and reach to the next level.

Here are some of the best Twitter Marketing Tools and their uses in Twitter Marketing Strategy-

  • Hastagify- It is one of the best twitter marketing tools one can ask for. As hashtags must be limited to few and the best, hashtagify allows you to find the bests suitable hashtags for your posts. This will reduce the pain of hunting for them elsewhere.
  • Twitter Advanced Search- Knowing what your users are liking about your product or how many are interested in your services will be valuable for your brand as well as the services you are providing.
  • Canva- The hunt for visual images and videos comes to an end. An easy to use and free software that allows you to attract an audience while others are struggling with their text and hashtags.
  • Optimizely- A headline attracts the audience to your post. Optimizely does it for you by A/B testing. Finding a suitable title is just a few clicks away now.
  • Tweroid- Speaking of Twitter marketing tools, Tweroid comes handy. It allows you to see when your audience is online. You can track this and schedule your post accordingly for better reach and engagement that will generate your leads and drive sales to the maximum.

If you have come up to this end, then cheers, you are ready. Just take your phone and download Twitter. If you already have that, just wait no more.

Do as per the guidelines and see your dreams turn into reality!

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