Truelancer or Freelancer – Which is best?

Freelancer vs Truelancer | Which is the best and suitable freelancing platform for you?

You must have acquainted yourself with the term Freelancer. This has become a hot cake nowadays. As a freelancer, you can earn anywhere and anytime.

Freelancing is a great way to earn money within a very short time period. You can start working as a freelancer even without any particular skill. You just need patience and determination for the work.

There are many such freelancing platforms available – Freelancer, UpWork, Peopleperhour, Twine, Truelancer, Toptal and many more. To now details on these websites visit here.

So, people always mistake and use Freelancer and Truelancer interchangeably. They are neither the same company nor sister companies from the same owner. They are completely different with different features. Read the mentioned points to understand which is better Truelancer to Freelancer

Truelancer Dashboard

Let’s know the difference –

Freelancer Truelancer
Freelancer is more famous and has
the largest amount of users and recruiters.
Truelancer is comparatively less popular
but with a decent amount of users and recruiters.
You can work as a freelancer and
at the same time hire people with
the same registration.
If you have signed up as a freelancer,
you need to email them at to post
jobs as a recruiter and vice verse.
You can withdraw money via bank(selected countries),
Paypal, Skrill and freelancer debit card.
There is an option for withdrawal
cash directly into bank account only for Indians.
Payoneer and Paypal are also available.
You get only 8 bids a month for
proposals to recruiters.
You get 20 bids a month, for sending proposal.
Freelancer has an excellent feature
of renewing bids, once you
exhaust your monthly limit
and that too for free.
( free plan renews 1 bid
per 3.75 days)
Truelancer has no such option.
The recruiters will also have to pay
a 3% fee to the freelancer
before paying to the user.
While Truelancer deducts a bit
of less money compared to Freelancer.

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Customer Support:

Both freelancer and Truelancer has customer service available, but if compared Truelancer is the best in it.

Truelancer: I say, they have the best customer service. I have been working in different freelancing sites for years and have come to such a conclusion.

WhatsApp Support –  Truelancer has its own WhatsApp number for Indian and USA. You can contact them at any time. They will give you an instant reply. But Freelancer has no Whatsapp support.

Ticket Support – You also get a quick reply to your emails and support ticket. But in Freelancer, they might take days or even not respond yo your questions.

Android App

The android app feature is available for both the company, but if looked carefully, Truelancer mobile app supports all the features as in the website. But in freelancer mobile app you have limited features and will be tempted to use the website frequently.

Truelancer Android app has a 4.5-star rating and Freelancer app has a 4.1-star rating. So you can very well understand who is the best freelancing platform, Truelancer or Freelancer?

Service Fees 

Truelancer service is miraculously low than Freelancer. It deducts a service charge of only 10% and 8% GST, which is nearly Rs 118 for a Rs 1000 work project. Job posters have to pay only 3% extra for the same.

On the other hand, Freelancer takes a 10% service charge and also deducts money for bank transfers. Moreover, the job posters have to pay nearly double than the amount said. You also have to verify your debit card which also includes a charge.

Local Payments

Truelancer is a great choice for Indian freelancers. Nearly all job posters are legit. You also get payment directly in your bank without any extra fees.

Freelancer, on the other hand, has many scam recruiters. As Freelancer has many workers and clients, mostly all jobs get expired or not awarded to the freelancer. Freelancer also deducts money to transfer to your local banks.

Check this to know how to send a eye catchinfg prposal to the recruiter and get hired instantly.

Truelancer or Freelancer?

Now it’s your choice. If you are an Indian I would surely recommend you to go for Truelancer. Freelancer is highly competitive and it will take a lot of time to make you stand out.

Aushini Das

Student at Presidency University, Kolkata. Passionate about Freelancing and Digital Marketing and I shall deliver my knowledge to the readers for their benefit.

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