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15 top niches for your website | Decide your website topic right now

Many of you might be worried about deciding your niches for your website. That’s the most important thing for you. You should finalize it beforehand. Now there are many topics on which you can set your website. But you need to pick up the most demanding niches so that you can have enough traffic and monetize your website as well.

So today I will share with you 15 top niches for your website that will surely grow your business.

  1. Jobs (Govt and Private)
  2. Daily News
  3. How to make money online
  4. E-commerce
  5. Beauty and Fashion
  6. Bollywood and Hollywood films and gossip
  7. Astrology
  8. Sports
  9. Health and Fitness
  10. Travel
  11. Cooking guide
  12. Food delivery and home service
  13. Gardening
  14. Science and Technology
  15. Portfolio (Freelancer website)

So, these will surely help you to succeed in your website business. But there are many more topics on which you can land. Remember, you must stick to one niche at one website. Creating miscellaneous topics in your website never gives it popularity.

job niche

  • Jobs (Govt and Private): You can make a website which shall inform people about government jobs as well as private jobs in various area (own country, state or world). This is the leading website niche nowadays. People are becoming digital and they are preferring online information than newspapers, because they are fast. For Example check – Indeed
  • Daily News: Second most demanding website niche is current affairs. Here you need to put all the necessary daily information for your audience to read. But, you need to stay updated and work hard each day to gather news and post it daily. For Example check – Hindustan Times
  • How to make money online: This is the most creative idea for your website. Here you need to put true and effective information for your readers, as because they will trust you and work accordingly to earn money. Check my website to get an idea

freelance, freelancer, idea

  • E-commerce: E-commerce is the most famous platform that every website builders dream off. Building a commerce website requires a lot of maintenance as well as gives double profit 🙂 Here you can sell your own products as well as digital products. You can also start your business by selling pets, plants and much more.  For Example Check – Amazon
  • Beauty and Fashion: This can be one of the attractive website for your readers. You can write down beauty tips like- ‘how to get rid of pimples’, ‘5 ways to get a glowing skin’. You can also post about the latest fashion in the market, dresses, designs and lot more. Check – Fashionista

Also earn money by affiliate marketing. Do not forget to place relevant ads to your website.

  • Bollywood and Hollywood films and gossip: This kind of website attracts people more. Always going for serious things won’t work. People need entertainment too. You can write on different films, upcoming songs, about the actors, singers. You can also inform about various off-screen gossips with video clips to get more readers.

horizontal, zodiac sign, horoscope

  • Astrology: This is the most informative website you can build for your audience. World wide people trust astrology, so creating this kind of niche for your website can gain you more readers. Write posts that will be helpful for people and your website will grow! You can check – Vedicrishi
  • Sports: People are always curious about sports. You can create a daily update of national and international games that are undergoing, to be held and past news too. You can also write about the sportsperson and their daily lifestyle to encourage people.  Have a look on – ESPN
  • Health and Fitness: This niche will always be an ever-glowing topic among people. You can write about exercises, yoga, fitness equipments and also about nutrition and diet charts. Further, you can also add online yoga classes for a better business.

travel, explore, journey

  • Travel: You can write on this niche. People are always in search of new beautiful places to visit. You can write about different places and their features, unexplored parts of the world and even open a tour and travels guide for people. For Example Check – Forbes
  • Cooking guide: Food lovers can never resist such a website. You can provide your audience with new recipes, nutritious food cooking styles, traditional recipes to modern kitchen everything should be included in your website. Have a look on – Allrecipes
  • Food delivery and home service: Thinking of having your own home service like zomato, dominos? Do it right now. This will help your business grow much more. You can also do various home services keeping aside the food delivery, like medicine, fruits, vegetables, groceries and others.

seedling, gardening, greenhouse

  • Gardening: By choosing this niche you will help the readers to fulfil their dreams of gardening in their homes. Write on different flower species, exotic plant species and the ways to plant them, even in small places and roof. You can also sell plants along with writing articles.
  • Science and Technology: In this world of science and technology, this niche can never be far behind. You can help students, learners and other people to gather knowledge on different scientific articles, from Xiaomi to Corona.  Check this – Nature
  • Portfolio (Freelancer website): This is the final niche you can choose to easily monetize your website. Here in this kind of website you have to write about yourself, about the freelancing services you provide, showcase your sample works. Do not forget to build a Hire Me page!

Do not know what is Freelancing? Click here.

So, now you have with yourself 15 top niches for your website. Choose a custom domain, a web host, a niche and then fly off!       

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