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The Best 20 Freelancer Course for you

Freelancing is the one making it true especially in times of a Pandemic. But technologies are evolving and making it possible for the job searchers much easier.

Of course there are pros and cons to being your own boss. There’s also uncertainty of not knowing the timely pay checks. But this field has one’s own independency and flexibility. You have enough space to work at your own terms that most traditional jobs don’t offer.

But before calculating the earnings, you need to have proper knowledge and perspicacity in this Freelancer niche. Freelancer courses give you a way to explore and learn more about your desired area.

There are a number of benefits associated with Freelancer courses. Anyone with inspiring ideas and creativity can learn about different freelancing areas that would enhance the quality and efficiency in their writing, designing, and other categories of freelancing.

We will be discussing about Top 20 Freelancer Courses. So firstly, Let’s begin with the 10 Free freelancer courses you can find online.

  1. Udemy

Udemy is one of the best platforms for becoming a freelancer. You will find the best instructors teaching thousands of students every day. Udemy provides wide variety of online courses that includes subjects like Business, graphics, photography, marketing, IT Sofware and many more.

  • You can learn the techniques and marketing systems that would help you to manage your clients and your work schedule.
  • Courses’ videos can be watched anytime by downloading either on your phone or laptop, along with that you can also read articles and access other useful recourses and complete Assignments.
  • Their course are at affordable prices for students and learners. They help you to build your own career after taking their courses.

After completion, they provide you with Certificates for that particular course.

  • The duration of the course is self-paced.
  • Free

  1. Skillshare

This website gives you a good range of courses that helps you to learn more elaborately about your field.

  • The best courses of 2020 include Illustration classes, Fine art classes, Graphic Design classes, and Photography classes. Although they provide numerous subjects to grip your power like Animation, writing, Photo & Film etc.
  • You can watch demo or trial classes for free.
  • This site guarantees your proficiency in your desires course after completion.
  • You can access lectures, downloadable resources, and assignments full-time. Duration is self-paced.

After completion, they provide you with Certificates for that particular course.

  • The duration of the course is self-paced.
  • Free

  1. Creativelive

To master your craft and passion this is the best platform to begin with. They provide free courses on Photo & video, Art Design, Photography, Music & Audio and so on. Their courses helps you to become a successful design freelancer. They show you how to create design as well as teach you to build your client list. Their courses would help you to be more creative and communicative. Additionally they teach to keep up with the taxes and budgeting.

  • Their courses are separated into different sections that help the student to learn easily.
  • There are regular assignments and tips and tricks by the instructors.
  • They also have downloadable resources that can be accessed anytime.
  • Duration is self-paced.
  • Free

  1. The Crafty Writer

The crafty writer provides easy ways for the beginners to approach the professional level in freelancing. With the help of their courses, you will learn how to write with flair.

They teach you how to write short stories, writing characters and dialogues, and poetry. They also provide useful resources and books that you can access from their site.

  • The duration of the course is self-paced.
  • Free

  1. Class Central

They provide thousands of courses from top universities around the world like Harvard, MIT, Oxford and Stanford. From Computer Science to Art & Design they have a ample amount of courses. They teach you to write for any webpage.

The writing courses help you to fulfill the needs of the readers better, and hence eventually increasing your rate. By taking their courses you will be able to explore the host a career of freelancers such as web copywriter, web designer, technical writer, etc.

  • The duration of the course is self-paced.
  • Free

  1. English Writing Skills at Alison

Dreaming for becoming a professional writer? Then this course on Alison will give you a series of easy to follow lessons, and will guide you through the most prominent English writing Styles.

It will also show you how and when to apply each one with an improved basics of punctuation and grammar. This course will help you to express yourself clearly with an attractive style of writing.

  • The duration of the course is self-paced.
  • Free

  1. Money Essentials- CNN Money

To govern your finances in the right way Money Essentials is an easy-to-understand online course that contains an ample amount of classes that teaches on everything from budgeting to retirement funding.

This is a free course that boosts up your money skills. Grab it before your money falls away from your savings!

  • The duration of the course is self-paced.
  • Free

Morningstar Investing Classroom

Our mind goes convoluted when it comes to make choices in investments. This is course if for those who cannot afford a financial advisor. Their series of lectures will teach you importance of investment, how to do it right and when to start.

Although it’s not very similar to other educational courses this one is the most important because it teaches you to be responsible for the choices you make for your money.

  • The duration of the course is self-paced.
  • Free

  1. Freelance Taxation

As a freelancer, you got a lot to do from writing for clients to handling all your money. As a self-employed person, you’re responsible for paying your self- employment taxes. Many freelancers face a cash flow issue when their bills come in before the payments of their work.

But no worries, these free online courses will eliminate your tax procrastination. The course is developed by a tax preparer Susan Lee who knows her the deductions, planning, and other intricacies of taxation.

After completing any course, check the Best Freelancing Platforms for you to work

  1. Copywriting Masterclass at Skill share.

To expertise in the field of Freelance writing, this course gives you an innovative exposure from your home. A series of long lessons by Doru Catana will guide you through the particulars of the copywriting process.

  • The course has been designed and aimed for not only improving the writing skills but to get the jobs also.

Now let’s move on to the 10 paid Freelancer Courses

1. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills (Coursera)

No business can profit without negotiation, we all do negotiation at every level. This course teaches you to plan your Negotiation Strategy, key tactics for success, creating a contract, performing or evaluating and evaluate.

  • Price-$29.67
  • Duration-75 minutes per week

2. Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course

Seth Godin a successful freelancer with decades of experience, he’s also a great thinker and author of 18 best-selling books.

In this course, he shares all of his experience as a freelancer to give you all the motivation you need to get started as a freelancer he also gives the importance of pricing of your services.

  • Price- $95
  • Lectures-19
  • Certificate after completion.

His new course is all about creating services and products that offer value and winning more business through the process. The course is created targeting for all and not only the freelancers, but the content, advice, and tips the he gives can be applied to building a better business as a freelancer as well.

3. UX & Web Design Master Course: Strategy, Design, Development

From this course on Udemy you can learn to apply User Experience (UX) principles to your website designs, code a variety of websites, and increase your sales.

  • Price- $195
  • Lectures-187
  • Certificate after Completion

This course is for-

  • Business owners who want to gain more from their online presence
  • Beginners
  • Website designers who want to enhance their skills

This course is very informative and helpful in your freelancing business as well. This course is well worth the cost.

4. How to Sell Your Digital Skills

If you have creative skills and want to make money from it, then join this course to learn how to plan and set up your business on Udemy!

This course is combined with tips and tricks on how you can market your skills, find clients, set your prices, protect your business and to avoid the common mistakes in setting up a business.

If you have skills of managing social media, sound designing, film making, app building and web designing, register for this course.

  • Price- $59.99
  • Duration- 1 hour

5. Becoming A Successful Design Freelancer Course (Creativelive)

This course is designed with the aim to make you a successful design freelancer. The lectures show you how to create designs for websites and other necessary things like LinkedIn profiles. This class covers Branding, Collateral, Clients, Finances and Management.

  • Price- $ 34
  • Lessons-15
  • 4h 52m of class content
  • Certificate after Completion

6. You’re a Business Not a Freelancer (The Futur)

This course offers the opportunity to build your business and give you expertise experience.

  • Price-$49
  • 120+ minutes of lecture

The course talks about comprehending the clients’ needs and creating profitable results. 

7. Freelancing 101: Turning your Side Hustle into Cash (Creativelive)

This class will show you how to create a simple brand to enhance your skills and develop your network, identify competitors among others. After this class you will be able to price your services appropriately, estimate your time commitment and understand the projects’ relevance. This program specifically targets on your negotiation quality and decision skills that are required to become an established freelancer.

  • Price- $20
  • Lectures-11

8. Freelance Bootcamp – The Comprehensive Guide to Freelancer Course

This program is for the people who want to launch their own freelance businesses but don’t know where to start. This course is made for developers and designers who want to build their own freelance businesses, dedicated sections to the topics of managing projects, testing for code quality, working with legacy applications, and how to manage client communication to ensure that your clients never leave you.

  • Price-$6.19
  • 5 articles
  • Certificate on completion

9. Kickstart a Freelance Editor & Proofreader Career on Upwork

This course is a combined set of creating effective bid proposal cover letter to attract clients, gaining good ratings to improve bidding chances, impressing clients through editing philosophies and approaches. It will also help you to fast track your online editing and proofreading career.

  • Price-$6.18
  • 1 article of 2 hours
  • Certificate on completion

How to Dominate Freelancing on Upwork

In this course you will learn to find the ideal freelance jobs, how to begin conversation with the clients and maximizing your Freelance earnings. Ths course is for People wanting to earn money as a freelancer And People who are willing to use their professional skills to deliver good service to their paying clients

  • Price- $6.18
  • 3 hours of video
  • Certificate on completion

Now that you have learned the wide variety of online Freelancer Courses, it’s your turn to make a good choice. Good luck!

Aushini Das

Student at Presidency University, Kolkata. Passionate about Freelancing and Digital Marketing and I shall deliver my knowledge to the readers for their benefit.

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