Quora Marketing Strategy – Beginners Guide

A fundamental guide to Quora Marketing

We know B2B marketing has reached a dead end. Reaching audiences are more laborious than before, campaigns are shattered across channels and, and for many brands, their performance are succumbing. 

As marketers, it is our job to gain the audience’s attention. We know that the B2B journey is powered by content and channels never mattered to the consumer. Many B2B companies are using thought leadership content to improve brand reputation, develop decision-makers’ trust, open the conversation, and support close business.

If you’re contemplating to develop your brand authority in 2020, then Quora is an excellent place to start. Here you will learn –

  • About Quora
  • Quora Marketing Strategy
  • Quora Marketing Tips & Tools

But what is Quora?

Quora is a site filled with pieces of information on all different topics; basically, people either ask or answer questions in this platform. The questions vary from “What are the important aspects of social media marketing” to” Do aliens exist”.  

Quora is similar to Reddit (another information site), which also depends on a credit-based upvoting system. The more upvote you get from people the more exposure your content gains. The main features of Quora are:

  1. You can publish content similar to LinkedIn’s publishing platform.
  2. Target your questions to specific Quora users to cooperate with influencers.
  3. Search for distinct topics and keywords related to your field of interest.
  4. Can spend money to make sure your question reaches much audience’s attention.

Quora Marketing Strategy

Quora Marketing Strategy

We now know how Quora works, but how does a simple information site be used for marketing purposes? Quora is great at making organic awareness, to improve your reputation, and also helps you to understand the mindset of your audience.

Now knowing about a platform like this, to move forward, one must know all marketing strategies related to Quora and use it to their maximum potential. The different but works 100% Quora marketing strategies are:

  1. Great reach to audience: With almost 300 million visitors per month you can share questions or answer questions as Quora is one of the best UGC platforms. 
  2. To get quality traffic: Make your customers to visit your website often by answering all their queries and explaining how the product or your service solves all issues.
  3. Improve search visibility: You can search Quora questions by simply typing it on Google search engine. Whatever the content is, it will be there and will help people to reach your site back when they are hindered with some problems related to your topic.
  4. Awareness for your audience: Quora is one of the few platforms where real people are observed in search of authentic or real answers. By giving a hand for your audience chances of them supporting you or your brand will be high.

Quora Marketing Tips & Tools

Quora Marketing Tips

As we all know, platforms like Instagram, Facebook require an enormous amount of marketing tips to gain the right audience and Quora also comes under the same category. Since it is also one of the few powerful sites for social media marketing, one should use it smartly and use it to their advantage.

The site isn’t just another way to gain an audience but also know how your audience brain work or know what they expect from your brand or product. By doing these kinds of research you can avoid all those expensive unwanted consumer surveys as they are not only a waste of time, not all consumers would do an honest survey anyway. 

You can follow topics related to your brand or your competitor’s brand and see how active they are and how they tackle different issues with their customers so that you can either adapt that technique or try to improve their method and attract more customers.

There are many analytics tools where you can check your questions, answers, and posts by clicks, views, shares, and upvotes. Utilize this information to decide what works on the platform so that you can concentrate on sharing content that interests the community.

There are many marketing tips and tricks to do in Quora and use it to its full potential:

  • Paid promotion on Quora
Quora Ad

Once you create a Quora account, you’ll notice your Ads Manager under the “Create Ad” option in your profile. You need to create an ad account to proceed further. After that, you click on the Manage Ads page and you’ll be able to see your spending summary, split into four sections:

  • Clicks
  • Conversions
  • Impressions
  • Spend

There are different ways to use Quora for marketing. When it is about paid ads, the best alternative is conversion targeting. Quora’s conversion optimization campaigns practice a precise “conversion” pixel to enable companies to see the impression that Quora ads have on their website.

  • Create an excellent bio

It is important to have a great profile on any social media platform. Quora is a bit novel as you can’t create a profile for a brand but, only individuals. 

Quora Profile

Quora displays the first 50 characters in your profile as a tagline above each answer you present. It would be a nice idea to include your company name in the tagline, so the readers will see where you come from. Your bio can also have clickable links. Even though it is necessary to use these links sparingly, they also help to increase traffic back to your website.

If your brand focuses on various niches, then create topic-specific bios. To create a topic-specific bio, click on to your profile page. On the right side corner, you’ll see the Knows About column.

Next to each topic you pick, you can describe your expertise in that area. Once you have finished explaining, you finish off the rest of your Quora profile with:

  • Your interests- Let it be related to your business.
  • A complete “About Me” section- Add information that shows off your thought leadership. Include links to your website if you want to.
  • Your employment and education details.
  • Your location or the cities that you revisit often
  • A profile picture that looks professional.

A perfect bio benefits you to get noticed on Quora and it makes you seem more trustworthy in the platform.

  • Trail on related topics with notifications
Quora Notification

In Quora, you can learn about what people in your industry are talking, follow topics and can also have questions sent to your inbox.

First, type a keyword into Quora’s search box that you want to follow, and then Quora gives a list of autocompleted topic recommendations for you to explore. When you click a topic, you’ll also see another list of relevant topics at the side.

Tap the Follow button to follow a topic. You must make sure that your email notifications are set up properly if you want to get notifications. In your Settings page, click on Emails & Notifications, you’ll be able to choose the number and kinds of emails you receive from Quora.

  • Respond to question with enthusiasm and professional
Quora Answers

After finding questions that are related to your business, make sure that your answers are unique. Writing a few sentences on “How to use LinkedIn” won’t fascinate anyone. But, an enthusiastic and also informative reply with links to related content, case studies, and statistics will express your thought leadership.

Show how passionate you are about the topic, and don’t hesitate to let your brand’s unique tone to outstand others. If you’re trying to reach out to a younger audience, you can even try using Quora’s version of emojis.

An easy way to respond to questions is to pull bits of information from the content you’ve already done and in the end add the link so that people can go back to your site. Remember spamming can block your account.

Add an image to your answer if possible, graphs and charts are excellent at gaining attention. It is noticed that people grasp visual instructions up to 323% better than the written ones.

  • Interact with other Quora users

Since Quora is a social media platform it’s important to interact with other people on the platform. While learning about how to use Quora and its marketing techniques, it is also important to engage with potential customers.

Quora users can communicate with other users directly and this is a great advantage for brands as the bond with their customers will be strong. You can even find people asking questions related to your product or company.

  • Connect with people around:
  • Following the top answers and followers of important topics
  • Planning and contributing to boards that include topics related to your industry.
  • Sharing content outside of Quora that links back to your answers on the platform.

Quora is one of the best sites to address any queries your customers have. Find out people talking about your company and reply to them appropriately. The more importance you give, the chances of it turning unhappy clients into advocates are high.

  • Study your analytics regularly
Quora MArketing Analytics

When you have a social campaign, you use tools and analytics to check your results. The same is applicable for Quora marketing.

You should be active on Quora to build reliability and thought leadership. The more you respond, the more your presence and respect will rise. Nevertheless, you still need to figure out how your efforts are affecting or influencing your brand. 

Quora offers free analytics tools where you can review all of the analytics for the questions you’ve answered, you can check how many people have viewed or shared your answer, to how many upvotes you got, and by adding a tracking link to your answers, you may be able to measure how many worthy click-throughs you’re getting. With this data, you’ll see how many questions are creating the most value for your brand.

Conclusively, thought leadership on Quora can be an enjoyable hobby or personally rewarding, but it is also something that every business leader should check it out and invest some time in it. Join Quora if you are still thinking – Quora Marketing

While there are many methods and pointers to improve your presence on Quora, the most relevant one to remember is that you need to deliver value. Show yourself as a valuable, insightful resource, and your customers will come to you in search of answers.

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