Instagram Marketing Guide – for Beginners

Instagram Marketing Guide – A complete strategy for Beginners

Instagram was launched in 2010, and since then people of all ages have been obsessed with it. What started as a social media platform where you share posts, gain followers, and follow all top celebrities; has now become one of the best platforms for brand awareness and selling products via Instagram Marketing. There are approximately 2 billion people who use Instagram frequently and more than 70% of people have purchased on Instagram mainly due to its reliable way of selling.

This post is mainly going to focus upon:

  • To build an Instagram business account
  • Instagram marketing tactics
  • Instagram analytics
  • Instagram advertising

To build an Instagram account

To start with Instagram Marketing, you must have an account. It’s important to note that Instagram is generally meant for in-the-moment content. To be connected to your audience, you’ll be expected to post frequently. To keep your followers involved, you have to keep your Instagram profile up-to-date. Download the Instagram app from the App Store or Play Store if you still haven’t downloaded it. 

  • Creating your account

When you try to log in to the app, you’ll have two choices to create your account –

  1. You can either log In with Facebook/sign up with a phone no.
  2. or Email Id. Sign up with a business email so that your Instagram profile isn’t associated with your personal Facebook account.

Then enter your account details, also under “Full Name” enter your business name so that your visitors will be able to identify your brand. Choose a username that is easy to find and, if your business name is already taken, try to have the initial part of your business name in your username. 

Create account

  • Profile Picture and Bio

For Instagram Marketing, choose a profile picture that gives a good impact on visitors. Therefore keep your image consistent with your branding. Instagram profile pictures are cropped into a circle, so leave room around the edges of your picture. Then you have Instagram bios which have a 150-character max, so whatever you plan to write must be direct, and concise of what your brand is about and why people should follow it. Instagram bios aren’t searchable, so don’t fret about keywords or hashtags. You can ask users to take a particular action, like using a specified hashtag or hitting your website. Your bio is the only one where you can emphasize a clickable URL and increase traffic to an external site.

  • Your Instagram Business Settings

For account settings click the three stacked lines in the right-hand corner on the top of your profile, and then click on Settings. In your settings, you can change your password, view posts you’ve liked, enable notifications, and many more. 

Hereabouts are a few things you should look into immediately.

Switching to a Professional Account will help to identify your profile as a business profile. Instagram Marketing Business tools feature makes it easy for users to contact you, give you in-depth insights, and allows you to improve your content. Your business needs to have a Facebook business page so that you can switch to an Instagram business profile. In the settings options of Instagram, click Account, and then Switch to Professional Account so that you can have access to these features. To change into a business profile, select this setting, log in to Facebook, and let Instagram handle your Pages. Instagram will send relevant information from your Facebook page for you to update. 

Story Settings, where you can control who should view and respond to your Instagram Stories. It would be beneficial if you allow all your followers to see and reply to your Stories to improve brand engagement. In your settings, click the privacy optionthen story to access your story controls. 

Comments let you hide remarks with certain keywords or phrases. You should enter specific words and phrases in your Instagram settings and use the feature. Getting comments is encouraging as you are getting some response from the viewers, but some comments might go against brand values or hurt your audience. Go to settings, click Privacy, and then comments to update.

In the meantime, you can also try Linkedin Marketing

Instagram marketing tactics

As we know earlier, Instagram is distinct from other social media platforms, and it needs a different marketing strategy. We also know that it’s a big headache to have an account on all popular social media sites but with the right marketing strategy and using the right platform will benefit your business in a great way.

  • Fix your goals

To have a successful business on Instagram for the long-run, one must have a plan so that you can justify the time and energy invested by you. Perhaps you like to use your feed to post and sell your products to your customers, to create brand awareness by posting pictures or videos relayed to your business or to share content so that your followers can view how your product works in action.

Your account can have various goals like you can post product pictures while also sharing user-generated content (UGC). If you know why you are posting an image, you will know how to gauge your performance and use Instagram Analytic tools.

Instagram Post

  • Target Audience

Discover the kind audience you require to reach before you think about Instagram Marketing. If there are other marketing plans, then pick from those so that your efforts remain consistent. Don’t ignore factors like age, location, gender, income, interests, motivations, and pain points.

If you have zero idea of where to start then monitor popular events and interesting hashtags related to your business. Check who and all are using and engaging with these hashtags and view their profiles. You can also have a look at your competitor’s followers.

  • Increase your followers 

Increasing your followers requires a lot of time and energy. You may even think about using a short cut after a while like to buy followers but please do not do it! Buying followers won’t drive any engagement, which is precisely what you require to ensure that your posts are being seen.

You can concentrate on the following ideas to increase your followers.

  1. Follow profiles that intrigue you and are also relatable to your business. Assume Instagram like a community and look for other businesses in your domain or influencers who might enjoy your product. Instagram suggests related accounts, once you start following other accounts.
  2. Once you start following an account, associate with their content so that you can draw attention to your profile. If you follow/interact with an account, the owner of that profile will get a notification. This would remind them to view your account and may even start following you. Don’t forget to acknowledge your followers by reacting/ replying to their comments.
  3. Urge others to share your content. Ask brand ambassadors to share your account or collude with similar accounts. Make sure to promote your Instagram on different channels

  • Convert your Instagram followers to customers

Once you have established a dedicated number of followers, you can start turning those followers into paying customers. Here are some approaches. To say, for Instagram Marketing, this is one of the important steps.

  1. Promotions like deals, discounts, and other offers are an excellent way to drive first-time sales. Don’t forget to cover what your followers should do to redeem the offer, and consider having a deadline to create a sense of seriousness.
  2. Conduct contests that would need people to follow your account or post with a specified hashtag to enter.
  3.  Millennials mostly expect companies to make a public engagement to charity. By doing so you can gain more attention for your brand and it might also convert your followers into customers. 
  4. Instagram is a great place to show your viewers glimpses of new products before they are launched in the market, but do not spam your followers feed with as many would find it a headache.

Instagram Analytics

Instagram doesn’t have a built-in analytics platform like Facebook, but when you switch to a business account, you do get access to available analytics, like follower growth, impressions, reach, and engagement. You can also track Instagram reactions, spend, and engagement on ad campaigns through Facebook’s Ad Manager. You can obtain more in-depth Instagram metrics using a third-party app like Iconosquare or Simply Measured which lets you track additional metrics such as followers and engagement over time, optimal post time based on previous posts, and performance compared to chosen competitors. Both the products are not free but you can start with a free trial to see if their analytics contributions are best for you.

Instagram Marketing Analysis

Getting Started With Instagram Advertising

Instagram advertising gives a novel opportunity for brands to join with the audience. Instagram ads appear in feeds like any other regular post, so they aren’t as disruptive as ads we would have witnessed in other platforms. They provide a direct way to help users to learn more about your business.

  1. How to Create an Instagram Ad

To design your ad, first choose a popular Instagram post you’d like to promote or create a new one in Facebook Ad Manager. If you haven’t run ads through Facebook earlier, you’ll need to get an account. You’ll also need to link your Instagram Business account to your Facebook page. To claim your Instagram account, go to your Business Manager and, on the left side of the page, hover over the menu to click Instagram Accounts. Then click on Claim Instagram Account. Add your account information and click “Next”. Pick an objective and name your campaign. 

Following this, target your ad with demographic or psychographic factors, like age, gender, location, language, work, financial status, behaviours, and connections. Choose Edit Placements under the placements option and then select Instagram under the available platforms, so that your ad runs on Instagram alone. By not setting a date or a lifetime budget, your ad will run endlessly on the everyday budget you allot. To set up your ad content you can promote a current post or upload new content to run as your ad. Instagram lets you create a single image or video ads, carousel ads, and story ads.

Instagram Ad for Marketing

How much should you spend on Instagram ads?

How much should one invest in Instagram advertising campaigns? If you’re attempting to gather more leads, consider the cost-per-lead and how that compares to other channels and your customer lifetime value. This is different for every industry field. It also refers to other goals like increased website clicks and sales.

Instagram Marketing Benefits For Your Growth

With millions of active users, Instagram now has great power and reach. It was a mere photo-sharing app that has completely transformed into a social experience, allows users to examine a company’s visual identity. Instagram audiences prefer only high-quality content like visuals with compelling information or show off your brand in an unprecedented way. Optimize your content by penning witty/ eye-catching captions. Planning and managing a platform that apprehends your brand’s visual identity may seem intimidating, but Instagram makes effortless.

Start your journey with Instagram Marketing: Stay ahead of time. It is the most wonderful place to grow the audience for your website and customers for the brand. Easy to use and go social by your online presence. Hope this guide was enough to give you a brief idea

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