How to start a Digital Marketing Agency of Your Own

Start your own Digital Marketing Agency Right Now

Starting a digital marketing agency was a tough task earlier, but with changing norms and platforms, it has become doable. Now when the marketing environment has changed, it has become less tiresome in comparison to traditional and physical marketing. If you are skilled and passionate about starting your venture, then you can do it now.

Most Famous example Hubspot

What can help you to start correctly?

  • Experience: You need to have a little knowledge of the how’s and what’s. However, you can start as a novice too if you understand the peculiarities well.
  • Skills: You need to have certain skill sets or a will to develop them. The most prominent one is to have sales skills.
  • Networking: You need to make sure that your personal and professional network is good enough to start well.
  • Money: You need to have some savings in case you need to pass some hard months. Most people fail at this very point.

Starting and maintaining a digital marketing agency are two completely different things.

In this article you will come to know –

  1. The skills required to become a DM
  2. Some side ventures (Contractor)
  3. Create your workable model
  4. Choose your Niche
  5. Pick a Speciality

The essential steps before you start your digital marketing agency:

Digital Marketing Skill

1. Development of Skills

Experience is the key point in being successful while running a digital marketing company. The best way to start your venture is to know the ground rules to understand the different levels of work.

The agency environment, client relationships, communications, and other important things need a good understanding. It is important to know how you need to handle clients and work as per there requirements.

  • You need to have good sales and professional front to work well. The services need to be as good as you say them to be. Some of the tasks that you need to handle are: making advertisements, tracking the progress, keeping an eye on the promotions, creating landing pages, and more. There is a need to handle marketing tactics.

When you work in a digital marketing company before starting something of your own, you tend to develop skills that you never knew. And that helps later when you are handling clients yourself that occurs in your digital marketing services while you are working.

Digital Marketer

2. Work as a Contractor, before an Owner

Before you start on your own as a full-time digital marketing service provider, it is good and advised to start it as a side venture. You can take up some contractual roles before you go on for it full time on your own.

By doing this, you are at lower risk levels financially while getting hands-on experience on how to proceed. It also helps you to have good referrals and making some contacts.

It is a great way to make relationships with different clients. It helps you to access your value and streamlining your payment request and negotiations in the longer run.

Digital Marketing Agency

3. Create your workable model

It is essential to know how you are going to bill your clients while you are running a digital marketing agency. You can bill them in different ways:

  • Hourly: It is a popular method in which you bill your client on the number of hours you spent working for them. However, this is not the most practical way because there are hours spent on different tasks like a meeting, phone calls, etc.
  • This model works great when you offer consultation to your client, thus planning around this model is the best way to charge for your digital marketing services.

  • Flat rate: This way of payment works where you and the client decide on a flat pay monthly for your services. It is a simple model to work around. There is no need for invoices in this case which gives you little breath of relief.
  • The downfall is that after a certain period when the client grows, you don’t, as you are being paid the same amount. So negotiations are needed from time to time.

  • Spending percentage: This model is for the latter days of your digital marketing agency. It works well with the bigger clients where you get a sum of the total budget.
  • But if you are pitching a small budget client, then you need to remember that their budget would not be grand and getting a small part of it is not wise, because the amount of work would depend on various factors.

  • Commission: In this model, you get paid only after the client gets profit or sales made out of your work and efforts. However, this model can be very hard to understand keeping in mind the different sales funnel which is present in companies.
  • This model works well for e-commerce websites and platforms where there is a direct approach. It becomes more accessible for you and your digital marketing company to track your profit.

The best way to make it work for you is to keep it as simple as it can be.


4. Choose your Niche

It is by far the most vital thing to finalize for your digital marketing agency. You need to make sure that your niche is what you specialize in. With the market being so wide, your prospect of attracting clients should be extraordinary and out of the box. It helps you to get a clear idea of who your clients are going to be.

Every business has a different buyer persona or target audience. You can provide your digital marketing services for different niches. But it takes time to formulate a workable module that works for them in particular.

Also, specialization makes you an authentic source to rely on. The clients see you as “a provider who knows what they are doing”.

All these points get revised a bit if you have multiple partners working with you. In that scenario, the budget, profit, charges vary depending on your goals.

5. Pick a Speciality

Digital Marketing is a broad spectrum. There are many fields inside it. You can of course provide all the services, but getting a specific field will be much more profitable.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click Services
  • UX and Web Design
  • Other local marketing

The most successful agencies choose a particular speciality. Remember, more specific the niche, broader is the profit.

How much it costs to start a digital marketing agency?

The cost of starting your digital marketing company is a completely subjective discussion. Every sphere needs different investment and capital.

Your budget depends on what kind of clients and projects you are going to pitch for, bigger the project, bigger needs to be the display. There is going to be a balance between free and paid tools that you will need to develop your website and digital marketing services.

Some of these things are

  1. Website domain
  2. Email marketing software
  3. Software for scheduling social media content
  4. Content software
  5. Analytics or reporting software
  6. Internet access and phone bills, a working space, business licensing, etc.

You can do your research and find the best free or paid versions of things that you most urgently need that decide your ultimate cost.

How to start a digital marketing company with no experience?

Even if you don’t know anything about digital marketing, then also you can start your venture. You just need to have the right people skills. Identifying talent and putting it to use for your agency is a great way to start selling your digital marketing services.

You can hire people on a contractual basis to find the right candidate for pushing your agency work. When you are starting, you need to make sure that you hire talent.

You can either talk about your digital marketing services yourself to your future clients or you can hire someone for that as well. However, you need to understand the basics, to keep everything in check.

How to plan your success?

Success follows if you are working hard and with a good strategy in place it becomes easy. Here are the focus points to become a success:

  • Your target market

When you are deciding the area of work for your digital marketing agency, you need to keep in mind your market and audience as well. If your expertise area is finalized then it becomes easy to keep in mind your vision and mission. It increases your credibility and position in the market. Your network is built in a better and refined manner, making it easy for you to approach clients or vice versa. It is better to be the best in one area then being good in many.

  • Specialization

There needs to be clear understanding that as to what you are best at. It can be social media marketing, email marketing, pay per click marketing, SEO, content marketing, web designing, etc. Your digital marketing services need to be top-notch, no matter if there is only one or many.

Once you have all this figured out for your brand, everything is achievable.


You need to keep in mind the right audience and market for making your digital marketing company a success. Right strategies and correct plan can help you to do the best in the niche you are going to go for. However, actions speak louder than plans and models. There will be many ups and downs; many hard decisions might need to be taken from time to time. Just be at liberty to pick clients and find your financial stability that suits your terms. You just need to stick to your vision to excel.

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Student at Presidency University, Kolkata. Passionate about Freelancing and Digital Marketing and I shall deliver my knowledge to the readers for their benefit.

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