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Send Eye-Catching Freelancer Proposal Template to the Recruiters: Get hired instantly

You are always wondering how to create a perfect freelancer proposal template and send it to the recruiter. Initially, when I started freelancing, I faced the same problem. I used all my 20 bids or connects (according to the platform you are using) and end up getting only 2 responses. Now I get 12-15 responses.

So, friends today I shall discuss with you how to send a responsive proposal to the recruiters.

  • Be Short

Avoid writing long paragraphs in the freelancer proposal template. Writing more and more will never attract recruiter. They do not have that much time reading your life story. So try to be brief as much you can. Only put the necessary details that are essential to write. Nothing else!

  • Capture the recruiter’s attention

First of all, go through the job details very carefully. Do not miss out a single line. Now write accordingly. If the recruiter has posted about writing health contents, you shall start like this “Hey recruiter, I can write health contents for you very well.”

Many recruiters also mention this on their job description “Please start with I AGREE WITH THE RATE, so that I can understand you have read the job details.” So, Always try to mention that line in the beginning. Never forget.

  • Answer “Why you can be the best fit for the job”

Now you have to write on how this job is the best fit for you. If the job is on Web Designing, write on how you can design his website either by PHP or UI/UX. This will let know the recruiter that you have knowledge.

  • Also write how well you can help him/her in the work.
  • Talk about your experience.
  • Mention your feedback (if you have any)
  • Tell them about your educational background, if it is relevant to the job.

For example:- Recruiters may post “ I need an Article on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, only people with IT backgrounds are preferred.” So, if you belong to IT or similar, you must mention your educational details for sure.

  • Attach your sample works

Be sure to attach your sample works, according to the job. This will impress the recruiter. If you do not have works related to the job, then attach whatever you have done. This will enhance your freelancer proposal template and become eye-catching to the recruiters.

If you are a beginner and do not have any sample work, write to the recruiter that you shall be determined and dedicated in doing whatever work is given.

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  • Be both professional and friendly

Try to be professional in your proposal. Start with “Dear Aushini Das,” this will sound much better than “Hi” or “Please accept my proposal”.

Now while ending the proposal be friendly by writing “Best Regards”, “Hoping for a sooner reply”.

Always respectfully talk to the recruiters by addressing Sir or Mam. And the most important be patient, try not to text them frequently, wait for their reply.

Also try UpWork and Guru, leading freelance platforms.

Final Words

So, here I end with my article. I guess now you can write your own freelancer proposal template. Feel free to contact me if you need any help, I shall be there for you. Please Contact Me or Hire Me for services.

Aushini Das

Student at Presidency University, Kolkata. Passionate about Freelancing and Digital Marketing and I shall deliver my knowledge to the readers for their benefit.

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