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We are in the country where lakhs and crores of trades were done in Jewelry and ornaments. From the age of Kings to Technology the one thing which doesn’t change the interest is Jewelers. The making of Jewelry pattern is changed but the desire for the jewelry can’t be changed.

Yes, I can hear the voice of yours that you are asking, Is there any scope in Jewelry making?

My answer will be absolutely yes!

If you are already a Jewelry designer, you can do your passion by freelancing. If you are a good designer, you can develop your skills in jewelry designing.

Nowadays from kids to elders, everyone has their own style of interest in everything. No need to tell about in Jewelry. Jewelry making is the origin for designing. Modern arts and Modern designs admire every jewelry lover. Antique also reborn by the modern design frameworks.

Freelance Jewelry Designer making
Freelance Jewelry Design making

Now let’s dive into How to become a Freelance Jewelry Designer?
Let me narrate some tips for you to become a goldsmith in your passion!

● As a Freelance Jewelry Designer, you have the exact view about the brands which ruling the market now.
● Every store definitely has a specific kind of brand.
● Search for the particular brand and look at the design patterns. Learn from it.
● Then request them to get projects based on the portfolio you created.

● If you have any design knowledge like CAD, designing courses, portray it in your resume and portfolio.
● Create a portfolio of the best designs you did so far
● Provide a classic look to attract and admire the stores also individual customers.
● Your Portfolio will attract everyone based on the skills and work done.
● You can portray both as sketches or technical drawings in the portfolio.

● If the portfolio looks clumsy, the client won’t spend that many details about your resume and skill set.
● At the same time, don’t put lies.
● If anything they find, it’s not so good for your future projects.
● Provide the exact skills you possess with a neat and decent presentation look.
● Presentation matters your skill sets. Make sure don’t put clumsy pictures together.
● It makes a messy look, which can affect your progress.
● Present neatly, which admires the customers and get great projects.

● After presented the portfolio, seek for trial projects without stipend as an experience or internships.
● Based on that you may know your knowledge pulse. And also get good ratings and reviews from the clients.

● It may lead to a good stipend from the same clients.
● Do your best in that, to get the best reviews.
● Based on the trial projects, enhance your skills and portray them in your portfolio.
● So stay focus on the trial project.

● Charge your payment according to the number of hours of work done for the project.
● As a beginner, don’t demand too much.
● Just analyze the market current rates for beginners. Demand according to that.
● Once you develop your progress and become an experienced designer. Demand according to your Freelance Jewelry Designer skillset at a reasonable cost.
● Explain where the customer or project leads money invested.

● Ask every query which is need for your project design.
● Ask for the count of designs and calculate for the price range.
● If the client fits in that range, agree to the project design.
● If not, convince and explain the work of you for the money the client investing in it.
● Ask for the deadline details. Get extra days, if you feel it will take time for innovation.

Freelance Jewelry Designer Portfolio
Freelance Jewelry Designer Portfolio

● Make sure to submit the project on or before the deadline on the client’s demands.
● Don’t procrastinate the works, while you are in hurry.
● Hire some known people in the same domain for the help when you are in the urge.
● Don’t ask excuses to clients, not every client is patient for the 100% qualified deployment.

● If the client asks you to work on their place, it’s great to be okay.
● They provide the comfort for you to do the betterment. So agree with it. You can learn many things once you are done with a crew of members.
● The work atmosphere gives the boost for you to do more.

● Get the contacts from the right people and maintain it to get good projects in the future.
● If you are doing great as a Freelance Jewelry Designer, definitely they will suggest you for the next level.
● So keep in touch with good clients and great designers.
● Focus on the works you have done. Hire some Human Resources for you, to contact with great communication skills. Based on those skills, you may get huge projects.

That’s it! I hope you got informative content through this article. If you try these tips, your progress will improve for your future. Not only now, but in the future also jewelry plays a vital role.
Because pieces of jewelry will become assets. So you can generate more income in this domain.

Aushini Das

Student at Presidency University, Kolkata. Passionate about Freelancing and Digital Marketing and I shall deliver my knowledge to the readers for their benefit.

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