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Freelance Digital Marketing sounds so technical? Nowadays we are living in the virtual world called DIGITAL WORLD! In that case whatever we do, we earn, we learn is digitalize.

Can’t we use this logical strategy for marketing purposes? The solution for this question is today’s marketing strategies and business from all over the world running.

Now we’ll dive into Freelance Digital Marketing. Freelance Digital Marketing will reduce the burden for Marketing goals of organizations or small scale industries. Sound wowing! Let’s see how it’s possible!

This marketing is in peak due to engaging the brands, finding and getting new leads, increasing the strategy of customer value, scaling the reputation of a particular brand. Nowadays from large scale industries to small businesses, Freelance Digital Marketers are hiring rapidly to increase their business pulses.

According to recent surveys in 2019, Freelancing Jobs are booming for the next decade. Especially Freelancer of Digital Marketers will determine the product or service prices, analyze the product reach and downs of the organization’s profit or loss. These kinds of digital marketers put their efforts for a particular company or organization to analyze or find out if any downs on their product/service sales.

Freelance Digital marketer

Is this marketing strategy suits you?

First of all these marketers are renowned as Freelance Digital Marketing Specialist. So the actual role of these specialists are to tailor a chain link of service for every customer or client to whom they are work with.

You have to more aware.

Here we will see some merits and demerits, so that the layout of this field will stick to your mind.


● No one is here to command you to do your specific task. The higher authority pressure is comparatively less while you working as an employee for an organization. “You are the boss, You are the employee”.

● Schedules can be decided for your convenience.

● The location of work can be decided by yourself.

● The amount of earning is also determined by the amount of projects and people you work with. So no earning limitations for you.

● There are lots of projects are available for freelancers.


Like you, There are many freelancers to loot your opportunities.

● The payouts will different from month to month. One month you may get 4 to 5 projects, your pay-check will gradually increase. But next month it vary,whether it can be high or low. The stability is not fixed.

● As a freelancer, the specialist have to update and upgrade himself/herself based on trending tools and software for Digital Marketing.

● As a single boss, the bossy things are heavy to dealt with your clients. Managing your clients, coordinating works, aligning schedules is completely by you alone.

● As a freelancer, it’s tough to stay stick with the employees of the company you work with.

● The key feature the specialist has to keep with himself/herself is motivating their own self. It’s not so easy. Yes, but it’s not an impossible strategy. The skills you possess and strategy for your clients will admire the clients consistently.

Freelance digital marketing jobs


As I said before, Freelance Digital Marketing jobs are in peak. There are many subcategories, we will see few for your references!

1. DIGITAL MARKETER: I think you also have some relevant knowledge about the role of Digital Marketers. They are responsible for trafficking relevant customers to the products or services for organizations.

The actual work of these marketers are writing emails newsletters, finding partnerships, Managing Google ads and Facebook ads, conducting marketing campaigns.

2. CONTENT MARKETER SPECIALIST: Contents are the core of every marketing field. Especially in Digital Marketing, the customers are attracted by the contents which convey the proper data about the product or service. The realistic fact about the majority of Digital Marketers is, they started their career as Content Writers.

Some ways and tactics are here to get accredited by Google rankings, let’s see what are they! ● Blogging ● E-Books ● White papers ● Social media posts and stories (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn) ● Mails or Newsletters (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook). The core part as a content marketer you have to focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which helps to feed the right contents for exact needy people.

3. SEO SPECIALIST OR OPTIMIST: As the name tells, the role of this optimist is to suggest and create exact SEOs for the business organization based on their advertising contents. It improves the marketing strategy in social media and web applications.

The exact goal of the SEO specialist is to increase the scale or level to get more traffic for a particular page or site which is based on the product or service of the organization.

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4. COMMUNITY MARKETING MANAGER: Every standardized companies need to maintain the consistency in the market. These companies have a strong and loyal community for their brands of products or services. This community marketing is the best way to communicate a one-to-one connection. This strategy will increase the brand usage more.

5. SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST: The role of Social Media Marketers or Specialists is to maintain the consistency of the organization’s reputation or product reviews, product usages based on managing the official Social media accounts of the corresponding organization.

It definitely helps to find out the pros and cons of the current market strategy. Buffer and MeetEdgar are booming social media marketing tools currently.

6. SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING SPECIALIST: Yes, I’m not repeating. SEO is different from SEM. It’s the combo of SEO and some paid search activities in the past decade. But now SEM is efficiently used for gaining traffic for website for purchasing ads.

SEM specialists analyze the purchasing patterns and ads to find out the mindset of the customers to improve the business strategy.

7. PARTNER MARKETING MANAGER: The role of Partner Marketing Manager is daily basis work with a lot of people of an organization, art directors, sales influencers, and the official finance team of an organization. Now kick-start the Freelance Digital Marketing.

freelance digital marketing skill


Now, I can read your mind is full of questions. Moving on, now I’ll tell solutions for it. What are the strength and aspects need for a marketer? Which kind of customers or market I can target? What kind of marketing services you can offer for clients? What are the exact goal and how much earning interested? No issues, we’ll see the exact solutions for your questions!Let’s see one by one,


Digital Marketing is competitive industry with huge amount of people are here. So definitely you have to sustain here with all the legitimate qualities as Marketer.

  • Participate in digital marketing workshops and conferences.
  • Check and do some courses, certifications on Digital Marketing.
  • Seek for best professionals to gain more relevant knowledge on Digital Marketing.
  • Follow and Read the professionals blog and posts regarding Digital Marketing.
  • Find your professional mentor or coach who can groom your potential.
  • Aware! Not all the sites and professionals are legit. Verify and Join. Joining and attending only doesn’t give skill sets. It’s about how much you put effort into learning and understanding the keys to sustain and grab your opportunity. Udemy and Coursera provide various courses and live projects for Digital Marketing skills and strategies.


  • The key to Marketing is to show the customers or clients that you’re professional and trustable.
  • How can you admire the clients?
  • Make sure you are presence in creating a professional website. Update your profile status on LinkedIn and other Social Media Accounts.
  • Begin your startup with your known network.
  • Based on your team, build an e-book and publish for more traffic.
  • Write professional content and letters to infer the traffic for your professional site.


  • You can earn your charges based on the depth of the projects.
  • Hourly: Fix that how many hours you are going to work for a project and how much you can earn through it.
  • Milestone: Some organizations don’t fix your payout based on clocks. Mostly they prefer based on Project deadline and depth.
  • Retainer: If you engaged for months of work, your payout will be based on a monthly basis.
  • Commission: Accept for the project if you feel comfortable with those officials and authorities.


  • As we know about the toughness of the industry, we have to be aware and think of logical reasons to maintain and get more traffic.
  • Show what you can do and don’t. Show the client about your skill sets.
  • Provide and Mention the Legal sections to get paid on time.
  • Describe the cost for your work and time of completion which makes the client know about their money is worth investing in you.
  • Add extra money if you are going to recruit some freelancers like you, for huge projects. Now we’ll explore some tools which will help you to earn more in this industry.

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BUFFER Buffer is a familiar social media tool which has the feature of analytics, schedule and plan contents. Most of the freelancers prefer Buffer to others.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS Google Analytics is not for freelancing. It’s for analytics to track your progress and client details. As well as it tracks the flash, videos and social sites.

MAILCHIMP Mailchimp you may know. It’s especially for email marketing tool. It’s multipurpose platform to get traffic for more brand users. The pricing option here is based on the size of mail letter. I prefer Mailchimp comparing with other tools.

UNSPLASH Unsplash is known for many people who are passionate in photography. It’s an image sites with high definition pictures. So you can take a shot of clear picture and sell to Unsplash.

TRELLO It’s a funny tool, which helps to boost your skills and prioritize your work on top of the list. Your innovative ideas are always cordially welcome by Trello. It’s suits for active and innovative thinking people.

SLACK I hope you don’t know about this charm. Slack works all around the world. No boundary restrictions. Skill matters. It’s designed especially for Digital Marketing purposes.


We have seen so far about Freelance Digital Marketing. Known about Facts, Tool, Pros, and Cons. One thing every marketer has to realize. Marketing is an art. You can’t hate this job while you doing. If you hate, you can’t sustain it in this field.

Marketing is definitely not for kind-heart people. If you are soft and kind, you can’t convince your client to satisfy.

  • Don’t accept late payment or work beyond the deadline.
  • Block your schedule and don’t do further.
  • If you feel flood out of time, hire someone to help you out.
  • Learn to say rejection if you not comfortable with timings or payouts.

Aushini Das

Student at Presidency University, Kolkata. Passionate about Freelancing and Digital Marketing and I shall deliver my knowledge to the readers for their benefit.

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