Free Google Digital Marketing Course

The Digital Marketing Course by Google absolutely free

With the pandemic going on, people are all locked up inside their house. To while away time or if you are someone who is genuinely interested in digital marketing, then the free beginners Google Digital Marketing course. It is the right one for you.

The course has 26 modules; all designed by Google trainers, packed with practical exercises and real-world models to help you turn knowledge into action.

Google Digital Marketing Course

But before that, you should be accustomed to Google Digital Garage

What is Digital Garage?

Digital Garage is a non-profit public program from Google, providing free digital skills training through an online platform. This program provides individuals with a simple training plan to learn about digital skills.

People who complete the Google Digital Marketing Course completely will earn a certificate endorsed by Google and the IAB Europe. The main features of this course are:-

  • Self-paced learning
  • Video tutorials
  • Extensive access
  • and Recognized Certification.

There are other online courses available in digital garage like Elements of AI (certified course) and courses related to career development.

But why do you need a certified course?

By getting a certified course, it will improve your CV and will show the recruiter that you have a fair idea about the concept, and chances of getting a job will be high. Updating your digital knowledge can help you get promoted, or begin a whole new career.

Google Digital Marketing Certificate

How does this take place?

  • Finish all 26 modules

The Google Digital Marketing Course consists of 26 modules in total and you must finish all. Each module has topics/ lessons (videos) related to digital marketing, and after finishing each module there will be a quiz that must be attended.

If you feel familiar about a certain topic you can skip and move on with the test by not watching the videos. From this course, you will acquire skills like

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Display Advertising
  3. Analytics and data insight
  4. Email and Local marketing
  5. Business strategy
  6. SEM
  7. SEO
  8. Social media
  9. Web optimization, etc.
Google Digital Marketing Course Modules

By doing this course not only you will learn all the concepts theoretically but you will also get practical knowledge from it. The course takes almost 40 hours if you are learning it at your own self-paced but it can be easily finished less than a day too.

  • Take the final exam

Once you finish all the 26 modules and the quizzes, you will be asked to attend an exam. The exam will consist of max 40 questions.

Make sure to score above 70% or else you won’t be qualified to attain the certificate. 

  • Share your certificate

After completing the exam and scoring above 70%, you can download your certificate in PDF form and post it or update it in your LinkedIn profile or your CV.

If you cannot manage that much time, go through thisDigital Marketing Guide for Beginners

So, Why wait more ?

Mostly small businesses and entrepreneurs who need to promote themselves online will find this course useful. For experienced people, it will be a useful refresher course. This Google digital marketing course is something I’d suggest to anyone either looking to get into digital marketing or someone who just needs to brush up on their skills.

Try it now – Google Digital marketing Course

Aushini Das

Student at Presidency University, Kolkata. Passionate about Freelancing and Digital Marketing and I shall deliver my knowledge to the readers for their benefit.

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