Facebook Marketing – A Complete Beginners Guide

Facebook Marketing Guide – Beginners Strategy

Facebook and its maze-like network

When Facebook first started no one assumed it to become one of the biggest communities online. Research says that there are 1.56 billion users who are active daily on Facebook. Many marketers don’t find this social media platform to be fruitful enough for their tactics, even though the influence it can have is huge. However, Facebook Marketing is as effective as any other form.

Facebook helps to create brand awareness. It is like having a personal profile for your brand among the users. People can like your page, and this creates a way to inform them about your services and products. Your Facebook marketing strategy defines how effectively you are using the platform.

What we will learn today –

  1. Facebook Business Page
  2. How to gather the Audience and Traffic
  3. Facebook Marketing Strategy
  4. Facebook Analytics
  5. Facebook Advertisement

The essentials for starting the Facebook Business Page:

Everybody is aware of how to create a Facebook Page. That is extremely easy. After it’s done, you should focus on a few things. Let us know that –

You can’t expect your brand to do good by just creating a Facebook page. There needs to be a long term strategy or relevant call to actions towards it. To start your Facebook marketing journey, you need a Facebook page that speaks for your brand as a business profile.

Facebook business Page

Here are some of the things to keep in mind while working on your Facebook marketing:

  1. Category:

There are two categories under which you can list your page. So it can be either a brand or a public figure page. After that, you need to choose which sub-category suits your business, for example, is it a marketing agency or supply store. One of the Facebook marketing tips is to enter the name correctly of your brand because altering it can be a hassle in the latter days.

  • Photos:

You can add pictures matching your Facebook marketing strategy. Also, adding a little information about what your brand is can give a small peek in your business to the visitors.

  • Username:

Usernames are an important part of Facebook marketing. It should be unique and relatable. Fifty characters are the limit for it, and it will be shown in your custom Facebook URL. This URL comes handy while logging in and pitching to different people, and further helping them to remember and find you just by the name.

  • Roles:

It is an important part of Facebook marketing strategy to designate the right roles to the right people. There is no need for credentials to be shared thus. Everyone responsible for handling the page can add it to their shortcut for easy access, from their accounts. They can also customize the way they want to receive notifications and alerts. Some of the roles are:

Facebook Page Roles

  • Admin: An admin has all the rights that are needed to perform any action like publishing a post, assigning roles, creating ads, etc.
  • Editor: Almost have the same rights as the admin without the authority to assign roles.
  • Moderator: They can’t publish any post but can keep the activity in check like responding to messages and comments. They can create ads.
  • Advertiser: They can create ads and see insights.
  • Analyst: They analyze the activity of the page like which admin or editor posted what post and analyze the insights.
  • Jobs Manager: A job manager has the same rights as an advertiser and can also run and manage the jobs.

It is an important aspect of Facebook marketing strategy, assigning roles. Because on this depends your Facebook marketing which is in the hands of your team. It is essential to be vigilant enough.

In the meantime, you can also try Instagram marketing and Linkedin Marketing

Call to Action

It is a very important part of Facebook marketing. Being a business, you need to make sure where you want your potential customers to land. There are different options to choose from. They can land upon the messenger window, get in touch with the team or simply download your brochure. Many Facebook marketing courses will tell you exactly what your call to action should be, depending on your company’s profile. Also, you can customize your page so that the person browsing your profile land at the right page. You can do this by going to “Templates and Tabs” options in Settings and customizing your tabs accordingly.

Call to Action

One of the great Facebook marketing tips is to get your page verified. You can do this by requesting a verification call. Once you are verified, a blue/grey checkmark appears near your brand name. It gives authenticity to your name and increases brand value.

How to gain an Audience and Traffic

  • Facebook likes and potential audience:

The one way to connect people to your brand is by getting likes. A person likes your page and chooses to get updates and other activities that you post on your page. Facebook marketing is often summed up as getting a bigger fan base. However, the Facebook algorithm works on engagement. If your fans don’t like the content you publicize, your posts will not end up in their feed.

Businesses go ahead and buy likes for their page however; this Facebook marketing strategy doesn’t do any good to your business. The discrepancy in your engagement levels and fan base raises suspicion, leading to shutting down of your page by Facebook.

  • Promotions and Interaction

The best way to do Facebook marketing is to be active on your page and post meaningful content. You need to find the right balance for marketing and entertainment. Your audience needs good content to revisit the page. If the content is relatable, then people share it amongst their Facebook community, helping in getting you more eyes.

If you are in the earlier phase of your journey, then you can ask your family, friends and colleagues to help you with the promotions. However, you should remember that you don’t need the likes of uninterested people. It does no good to your page and disturbs the algorithm.

Also, you have to be active in interacting with the audience. The concerns that you receive via messages or through comments on your posts, should be addressed in minimal time. It is one of the most helpful Facebook marketing tips to make your page a success.

On your website, you can add buttons for your different social media channels to create a two-way passage for your audience. You can add your Facebook page link in promotional emails updates and launches.

  • Content makes you king

You need to research the market and know what type of Facebook posts your page needs. It is an essential aspect of correct Facebook marketing. There needs to be a consistent flow between you and your audience. The images on Facebook come very handy and can be very helpful in getting attention. The engagement gets almost double due to pictures.

Also, you can post old links that speak about the current demand, or a video, imparting a message. You can go live on Facebook or post already created videos. It is important to give correct tags, titles and description to attract the right audience for Facebook marketing. You can also run polls while going live from your page, to have an interactive session. The privacy of video is in your hands, you can make it go public or keep it for your friends. Now, 360-degree videos are a great Facebook marketing strategy to let the audience explore you more.

The feature to read articles while still being on the Facebook app is an amazing way to easily access news. You can publish Instant articles to make the reading journey of your audience hassle-free. However, you need approval by submitting a sample to the instant article team.

Facebook Marketing Tips and Strategy

There is a huge challenge to make your brand successful on Facebook. Facebook changes its algorithms regularly making it hard for you to follow a trend. There is a need for constant upkeep to be on the right track.

  1. Understanding your audience: With Facebook, you can get detailed information about your audience. You can understand buyer personas and thus cater to their needs no matter what kind of Facebook marketing you are into. It becomes easy to determine what is needed and what is not. It can be evaluated by checking the analytics, engagement, reach, etc.
  2. Insights: Facebook offers audience insights by which you can understand what your audience is looking for and is interested in. It is really helpful for all marketing teams to analyze what strategy is working. You can get the idea based on interests or compare the audience with the competitor’s page.
  3. An editorial calendar: To be on track and manage everything efficiently, it is essential to keep a content calendar updated and ready. You can schedule or write your posts well in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle. It helps to maintain the quality.
  4. Scheduling posts: One of the best Facebook marketing tips is to schedule your post in advance. You can schedule your post for any time or date depending on your brand, goals and industry. In Facebook marketing, it is important to focus on quality rather than quantity to get better engagement.
  5. Leads: It is important to work on the strategy to convert your audience into potential leads. It can be done by asking them to sign up for an eBook or brochure. Also, signing up for a webinar or getting a demo video. You can use Facebook lead Ads which is less cumbersome and more effective Facebook marketing strategy. Almost every Facebook marketing course shows how this can be done.

Analytics of Facebook

After marketing about your brand, it is essential to know how things are doing on the ground level. You can use Facebook analytics which helps you to understand all the basic things that are related to your page.

The insights of the Facebook page can be seen in different ways:

  1. Likes: You can see the report of how many likes you gained or lost. It can help you to understand how your page is doing. You can evaluate it on a daily or monthly basis depending on your Facebook marketing strategy.
  2. Reach: This shows your content has reached to how many people. The reach increases with engagement.
  3. Posts: You can analyze the performance of your page based on every post that you do. It can help you a lot to bifurcate your scheduling and content calendar creation.

Advertising on Facebook

It is a great feature to reach more audience and generate leads for your business. You can run a campaign, make ad sets or run a simple ad depending on your need. There is a deep categorization in which you can place your ad, for example, app install, lead generation etc.

Facebook Marketing Ad

The How of ads:

  • You need to pick the right set of audience which you can choose by specifying information like location, age, gender etc.
  • You can make it more specific by adding an example page which your potential audience may have liked. However, it needs industry research.
  • You can then opt for a budget which can be daily or lifetime budget, depending on when and for what time the ad is going to run.
  • Make your ad creative by adding text, media and links according to your goal for running that ad. The Facebook marketing tip is to keep minimal text and more images.

It is vital to check how the ads are doing. For that, you can see the metrics based on various data like reach, impressions etc. You can also export the metrics to see the frequency of your ad being seen, actions taken; to understand and breakdown the performance of your ads.

Facebook Ad


With Facebook, you can take your marketing to a new level. You can share any type of content with your audience. Facebook analytics is a great way to track your progress and change your Facebook marketing strategy according to the needs of your business. You can enrol yourself in any reliable facebook marketing course to get more in-depth knowledge of this wing. It’s all about trials, errors and being consistent with your Facebook marketing that works in the long run.

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