Digital Marketer – The how and why to become

The how and why to become a digital marketer

People in the world are going online each day for several hours for different needs. The numbers are increasing rapidly, as shown by different researches. This opened up the scope to make your marketing digital. Now ground marketing cannot help entirely because your potential buyers rely on the internet for almost everything.

The ins and outs of being a digital marketer

Digital marketing is nothing but taking all your marketing plans and strategies online. It includes search engines, email marketing, social media marketing and other such mediums to connect with the potential customers. The benefits of digital marketing are endless if one incorporates the right means and plans.

How digital marketing helps a business?

Apart from different forms of physical marketing, digital marketing can be done from the premises itself in different ways. It opens up the opportunity to use varied platforms at any time, at any day in the form of emails, videos etc. Physical marketing is done by banners and printing ads, whereas digital marketing can be done through social media platforms.

Nowadays, it such a common phenomenon that every customer goes online to research more about the brand he/she is considering. All the companies try to have their websites or at least have social media handles where they can showcase their excellence and services. Thus, you should stream your ideas in such a way that you give a good portion of your strategies to digital marketing.

One of the most important benefits of a digital marketer is the versatility it has. There can be n number of trials and errors that you can do and learn to make your business better. You can check the success of your work by getting data from the various analytics tools. Marketing could never have been this handy.

There are different ways in which you can kick-start the digital marketing wing in your business. You can do marketing on digital platforms or roll out online brochures, explaining what you do and how you do it. Digital marketing can be paid or free, depending on what your goals are, and how the strategy fits in your model.

You should always remember that one strategy doesn’t work for all brands. It is more important to find what doesn’t work for you then what will work for you. Your business can either be B2B or B2C.

  • B2B means business to business model, where you transfer high end leads to your sales team. LinkedIn is used profoundly for this type of marketing.
  • Another is B2C; this is business to customer model, where your services are seen by the online customers through your website or digital networks. For this type of digital marketing, you need to focus on the right and apt calls to action from different platforms.

The most important benefit of digital marketing is that you can see results in a shorter period which can help you to see the real-time progress. You can notice how many people visit your website and different pages by using digital analytics tools. It can help you strategize in a better and refined way so that you can work on things and channels which are doing well than others.

With the right tools incorporated in your business, you can trace everything from customers to sales. You can understand how the workflow and chain work. If you don’t analyze how your marketing is doing, then you cannot link it with the sales of your business.

Different types and ways of digital marketing

There are many channels and mediums involved in a digital marketing strategy. The wings are many, but it depends on you and your business how you want to use them and what you want to use. Here are some of the most common things and modes that you need to know about digital marketing.

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO):

SEO is the most commonly used word in the digital marketing world. It is nothing but the way of making your website rank higher in the search engines, organically. It can be used for your blogs and websites, majorly. You can understand SEO through these classifications:

  • On-Page SEO: This is the model for focusing on the content that is visible to everyone on the website and different social media. The content can be optimized by using keywords to have a better ranking.
  • Off-Page SEO: This is everything that you can’t see on the forefront. You can term these as backlinks. When you write for other people’s websites or blogs, then you can use those links to use for your website by redirecting the audience.
  1. Content Marketing

Content is the king and it is the most important factor to keep in mind while doing marketing. Content marketing is all about promoting your website and getting leads, customers and traffic. Under this come different channels where you can do marketing. These are:

  • Blog posts: Blog is a very effective way to tell about things your business is into. It is the best way to gain traffic for your website organically. The visitors can be converted to potential customers.
  • Whitepapers: This is a long and more detailed form of content, telling visitors about what you do and where your expertise lies.
  • Infographics/Visual content: It is one of the best ways to attract the attention of the audience. Not everyone is a reader, and this is a great way to attract more leads.
  1. Social Media Marketing

There are different social media channels that you can use for digital marketing. They are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest. You need to understand that the audience is different on all social media platforms, and the content that you post should be relevant. For this, a little market research is needed and advised.

  1. Email marketing

This form of marketing is used majorly by many businesses to tell their audience about new products, launches, discounts, offers, etc. There can be different types of newsletters, for example, subscription to your blog, welcome emails, promotional content and many more.

  • Pay Per Click

It is a way of getting more leads and traffic through the medium of advertisement. Google ad is the best way to be on the top page of the search engine. You can also use other channels for PPC like Ads on Facebook and Ad campaigns on twitter or Instagram.

There are other types of digital marketing, like sponsoring your content. It can be done by using influencers. It is called influencer marketing. You can also indulge in online PR marketing where you get online reviews of your company or comments on blogs or social media. You can track all the progress and leads by seeing the reports and traffic brought by using all these strategies.

The role of the digital marketer

When you are in charge of digital marketing, then you need to focus on brand naming and bringing some good leads. These types of leads can come from paid or free marketing on different channels like a blog, social media, etc.

Various KPI’s or Key performance indicators show how the performance has been on different channels. A digital marketer is in charge of checking the organic traffic that is coming on the website. Your task is to improve the ranking and organic reach of your brand. In doing this, content is essential. Thus, a good and versatile content strategy plays an essential role in digital marketing.

Social media managers keep a record of followers, impressions, shares, etc on various social media platforms.

Everything is inter-related in digital marketing, and a digital marketer needs to be in touch with the whole hierarchy to have a smooth workflow.

Results and end loop

Whatever you do in your business and strategize, depends extremely on your audience. You need to make a content map by considering who your consumer is and how the flow is going to work. The results are fast in digital marketing. Thus, you can see how you are doing in a relatively smaller amount of time. It cannot be achieved in offline marketing.

If you are going to go for inbound marketing, then you do not need a high budget. It majorly depends on SEO, social media, etc. But if you are going to use outbound marketing then there comes in picture online advertisement, which needs a bit of investment.

It is a brief idea that as to how you can earn from digital marketing and what are the benefits of digital marketing. It is a long network and good news is that you always have another chance to improve yourself. Be updated on the new trends and

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