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Coursera Online Courses – Learn your Website Fundamentals, SEO, Digital Marketing, Content Writing and much more.

Now, you are a beginner. Want to be a Content Writer? Want to create a Website or start Digital Marketing? You might be thinking, how do I start everything myself? Coursera is such a platform that lets you learn millions of courses and that too for free.

What is Coursera?

Coursera is an online learning platform. It was founded in 2012 by Stanford professor Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. It not only offers Professional Courses but also Online Degrees, Specializations, Mastertrack Courses, MOOC and Webinars.

How to apply for free?

There are some free Coursera courses but most courses have a charge of Rs 4000. But I shall tell you what to do to get everything for free.

  1. Join Coursera. Visit here.
  2. Log in to your
  3. Go to your desired course section.
  4. Scroll down and go to the Financial Aid Available
  5. Fill out the given form and submit.
  6. They will confirm you via email after 15 days.

Financial aid

What is MaterTrack Certificate?

These are the portions taken from M.Sc or MBA of elite universities. You earn a prestigious graduation degree certificate or even a Pre-Master’s certificate after completing the courses.

MasterTrack Certificate

Online Degrees

Coursera is such a platform that also lets you earn a Collge degree without visiting the college in person. It might be difficult for everyone to fly abroad. So Coursera online degrees will offer the same.

Online Degrees

Some chosen courses from top universities only for you. I recommend these courses for you. These will help you a lot in creating your career.

SEO course: UC Davis University

This is a wonderful course. If you have your own website or blog then you must learn this course. Even you want to start your career as a professional SEO, this is best. This will also be helpful to you as a content writer.

SEO course

Course 1: Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Course 2: Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals

Course 3: Optimizing a Website for Search

Course 4: Advanced Content and Social Tactics to optimize SEO

Course 5: Website Optimization Client Report Project


  • You will receive course certificates for each course completed.
  • Also a specialization certificate at the end of the whole course.

Website Design and Development: Michigan University

If you want to build a Website of your own other than WordPress, then this is for you. Build an innovate website with HTML and CSS. Forget with the common CMS system and win the world!

Web Design

Course 1: Introduction to HTML 5

Course 2: Introduction to CSS 3

Course 3: Interactivity with JavaScript

Course 4: Advance styling with Responsive Design

Course 5: Web Design for Everybody Capstone


  • You will receive course certificates for each course completed.
  • Also a specialization certificate at the end of the whole course

Digital marketing: I Illinois

After completing your blog, your job is not done. You need to enhance your website and blog posts on social media. You need to have a knowledge on Marketing Strategy. This course will fill you with social media marketing, the latest digital marketing tips and SEO.

Digital Marketing

Course 1: Marketing in a Digital World

Course 2: Marketing Analysis in Practice. Part-1

Course 3: Marketing Analysis in Practice. Part-2

Course 4: Digital Media and Marketing Principles

Course 5: Digital Media and Marketing Strategies

Course 6: Marketing in an Analog World

Course 7: Digital Marketing Capstones


  • You will receive course certificates for each course completed.
  • Also a specialization certificate at the end of the whole course.
  • You will also get priority if you wish to study MBA in this college.

Content Strategy for Professionals: Northwestern University

Here will learn valuable thoughts and lessons on content writing. You will learn to create SEO contents. This will help you, keep your readers engaging.

Content Writing

Course 1: Engaging the Audience

Course 2: Managing Content

Course 3: Expanding your content’s reach.

Course 4: Ensuring your content’s impact

Course 5: Capstone Project


  • You will receive course certificates for each course completed.
  • Also a specialization certificate at the end of the whole course.

There are thousands of courses for you. You will also get Courses from reputed organizations like IBM, GOOGLE, Stanford University and others.

There are also courses related to

  1. Python
  2. Data Science
  3. Deep Learning
  4. Public Health and much more.

Courses course

Certificates are highly valuable

Coursera certificates are extremely valuable. Those are accepted world-wide and in Multi-National companies too. Once you complete the course and specialization, you will receive certificates signed by the professors with a university stamp. Have a look at these.

Coursera Python Coursera Public Health

Coursera Project Network

This courses are short and provided bu Coursera themselves. Here you will get professional courses and learn real-life experience.

Coursera Project network

Hope this was helpful. Visit Coursera and start learning now.

Aushini Das

Student at Presidency University, Kolkata. Passionate about Freelancing and Digital Marketing and I shall deliver my knowledge to the readers for their benefit.

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